If you are a Classy user, you can integrate your Classy account directly with your DonorDock account. To connect Classy and DonorDock, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Classy account.
  2. Click on Apps and Extensions in the right menu.
  3. Click on the Classy API button:
  4. Create a new App called DonorDock. For the oAuth redirect, simply enter  https://donordock.com.. Click Create App.
  5. Click on the edit link in the Your Applications table below:
  6. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret, or keep this screen open.
  7. Make note of your Classy organization ID. You can find this by looking at the URL address bar when signed in to your Classy account. In the example below, the 74674 is the organization ID.
  8. Login to your DonorDock account and click in the grid icon in the upper right corner. Go to the Integrations menu.
  9. Once on the integrations menu, you will see the Classy app listed in the Apps section:
  10. Click the Connect button.
  11. In the App Setup screen, enter your Classy organization ID from step 7 into the Tenant ID field. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret from step 6.
  12. Click to indicate whether you would like to sync event attendees. - Note: Due to limitations in data from Classy, this may end up creating some duplicate contacts. 
  13. Toggle Enabled to on, and save the integration.
  14. After saving the integration, test the connection.
  15. Upon a successful connection to Classy, the integration will start an initial run where it will sync data from Classy.
  16. After the initial run, the integration will sync every hour at 5 minutes after the hour.

Viewing Integration Status

  1. Each integration sync will have a sync status row:
  2. Click the View button on any sync to see the information about inserted and updated records, and any errors.