DonorDock & QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Note – These instructions are for QuickBooks Desktop only. QuickBooks Online uses a different integration mechanism.

QuickBooks Desktop Integration Initial Setup

  1. Start by requesting the QuickBooks Desktop integration be turned on in your environment. This can be done by emailing
  2. Once the integration is turned on, begin by navigating to your Settings by clicking the “grid” icon in the upper right corner and choosing Settings.
  3. Under “Feature Settings”, find the QuickBooks Desktop Integration area. In the “Deposit Income Account Number” field enter the account number for your deposit account in QuickBooks (likely a checking account). Save your settings.
  4. Navigate to the “Fundraising” tab in the main menu and find “Funds”.
  5. Add a fund record for each account that you plan to track deposited funds to in QuickBooks. If you use classes in QuickBooks, make sure to name the fund the same exact name as the class in QuickBooks. Also enter the account number from QuickBooks into the “Account Number” field of the fund. Save and repeat for all your accounts that you track donations to.


Tracking Gifts with QuickBooks Desktop Integration

  1. When the QuickBooks Desktop integration is enabled, you will track your gifts in batches. These batches usually would be grouped as a bank deposit.
  2. When you go to enter a new gift, you will see the current batch number, along with the number of gifts in that batch, at the top of the gift entry screen:
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  3. Enter all the gifts for a specific bank deposit. Make sure to track a fund for each gift to ensure proper coding in QuickBooks. 
  4. Repeat the process for each gift in that bank deposit.


Exporting IIF File for Import to QuickBooks Desktop

  1. To generate an IIF file for the bank deposit, navigate to “Reporting” in the main menu and then “Reports”.
  2. Create (or load if you have a saved report) a gift report. Click the blue “Filters” button and set your gift date range to include the dates of all gifts in your deposit. Set the batch number to the batch you are working with to create the deposit. Click “Run Report”.
  3. Once the report has run, confirm the number of gifts and amount in the aggregates at the bottom of the columns.
  4. Click the “Export” menu and click “Export to IIF”

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  5. Once you have exported to IIF, click the “Close Batch” button to close this bank deposit batch and create a new batch for your next deposit.
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  6. Provide the IIF file to your accounting team for import into QuickBooks Desktop. The IIF file will create a bank deposit in QuickBooks Desktop with each gift as a transaction in the deposit. The deposit will be to the Deposit Income Account selected in your settings. Each line will be associated to the class and account based on the selected fund.