Get Data from GHD Portal into DonorDock

If you participate in GHD but do not have access to the portal from DonorDock, you will need an admin to update your role to have a Giving Hearts Day Role. 

  1. Go to the Settings Menu

  2. Click on Manage Your Team

  3. Choose Manage Role for the team member you want to update

  4. Give that team member the Giving Hearts Day role

Retrieve Your GHD Data

  • Go to and sign into portal

  • Go to Donations area and Find this year’s data

  • Export out all donations options to a CSV file and Save this

Import Your GHD Data

  • From GHD Dashboard

    • Go to Imports page

    • Upload the CSV file you just downloaded and saved

  • From DonorDock

    • Go to Imports page from the Settings menu

    • Choose Giving Hearts Day as the template type

    • Import the CSV file you’ve saved

  • Important Notes about importing your data from the Dashboard or Directly in DonorDock

    • The DonorDock system is looking for a specific file format. The most common error that’s received with importing the data is errors with the file.  To reduce import errors,  follow these guidelines: 

      • Be sure that the file you are importing is a CSV file

      • Be sure that you don’t change any of the data or formatting of the original downloaded file. The DonorDock system is just looking for the raw data and the correct column headers to match the right data to the right contact fields.

Things to Consider about GHD Data

  • Waiting Period

    • We recommend to wait a day or two after the event before retrieving and importing your data. The reason for this is things change during GHD and may happen change a couple days after GHD (refunds, cancelled gifts, etc.)

  • Send Personal Thank You’s Quickly

    • Your donor will receive a quick transactional thank you from their receipt, but nothing too personal. 

    • To get out some personal thank you’s quickly, if you don’t want to wait the recommended waiting period, you can go in about every hour or so to download your data. DonorDock will ignore the imported data you’ve already entered and allow you to do that throughout the day.

      • Keep in mind, because of refunds and such that you deal with those, should you decide to download your data and import as they day goes on. 

  • Duplicates

    • Donors are not required to use the same account year over year when donating to GHD. Because of this, you will get duplicate records in DonorDock. It’s vital that when we are matching data it’s the correct contact, as we don’t want to make the mistake of misallocating a gift to a record that should have gone elsewhere. 

    • In order for the GHD data to be imported to a current contact record, the system must be able to do a match in one of the following ways: 

      • First Name, Last Name, Email

      • First Name, Last Name, First line of Address

    • Merge your Duplicate Records

      • Go to the Contacts Page

      • Change the view to Possible Duplicates

      • Choose two records that are duplicated and Merge them

        • Note: Please note that the possible duplicates view is a nightly job that’s run. So the system will not be able to show your possible duplicates immediately

    • Send Thank You’s - For GHD or any event

      • Import your GHD data (DonorDock creates a GHD 2021 campaign)

      • Go to Reports Page and choose the Gifts This Month

      • If your thank you is specific to GHD, filter by GHD 2021 Campaign and update any other necessary filters and Run Report

      • If this is a letter Thank You

        • Once generated, go to Add > Add Activity > Letter in the top right corner

        • Input a subject, Notes, etc. and mark the activity as Complete

      • If this is an email Thank you, or combination Email/Letter

        • Filter the Email column so it “Is Not Empty”  

          • Same can be done to filter for letters - Filter this to be “Is Empty”  

        • Add the people in this report to a Marketing List by clicking on Add > Add Marketing List

        • Go to the Emails page to load that saved Marketing List and the Thank you Email Template you want to use

        • Once sent, an email activity will show on each contact record