Helpful Resources

Bulk Importing (after onboarding) - DonorDock allows you to bulk import your data at any time This article is focused on helping you complete your initial data migration during onboarding. For instructions on how to bulk import your data after onboarding, click the link below. 

How To Self Import Data

Onboarding Data Migration Template - Use this template to import your contact and transaction data during onboarding. 

Download The Data Migration Template

4 Steps to Migrate Your Data To DonorDock During Onboarding

1.  Export Your Data From Your Old System

You will need to export your data from your old system.  We have helpful tips and directions for several platforms. Don't see your platform on this list? Most systems offer their own instructions for exporting data. just google "how to export data from __________". 

2.  Download The Migration Template And Paste Your Exported Data Into It.

Download the template (at the top of this article) See the video below to understand how to use this template.

  • Import (All) - This sheet includes all available fields that you can use to import data into DonorDock. You do not need to add information to every column.
  • Import (Blank) This sheet is blank. You can paste information from your export under the header section. Then, match each column that you've pasted to the correct DonorDock Column. 
  • Column Heading Reference - This sheet provides descriptions of each column heading.

3.  Save The File. 

 You can repeat this process with additional data if if you're importing contacts from multiple places. For example, you might import data from a CRM and an email marketing tool. 

4.  Send the File To The Support Team

Open a helpdesk ticket with a subject line of Data Migration and attach your file(s).