This article outlines how to take a word document, such as a thank you letter, end of year letter, etc. and use it as a template in DonorDock.

1.  Go to the grid menu in the top right corner and click on Manage Templates

2.  Choose Receipts as Template Type

3.  Use one of the system created Templates to get started or begin a template from scratch. You can easily update a system template:   To change a picture with a new one, click on the picture and upload new in the content menu

4.  If you have a letterhead on your word document use a snipping tool of your choice, or the one built into Windows, snip the area you want, and save it as an image.

5. In the template editor insert the image.

6.  You can then choose to apply effects and more.  

7.  Edit text by clicking in a text box

8.  You can copy the text from your letter into the text editor box and adjust as needed.

9.  Use merge tags to pull in contact fields that have data after you have pasted your text into the template editor.

  1. Note: It's important to put introduction text in front of a merge tag to explain it
    1. For example, {donor.ytd_gift_amount} will just populate the dollar amount. To make sure this is clear in your email you should input - Donor Year to Date Gift, or something to describe the number
  2. Note: If data is not populated for a contact, a descriptor will show with no dollar amount next to it
  3. See more about Merge Tags here: Receipt Merge Tags

10.  Once your template is complete, click on Save to save over the template or Save As to save a copy with a naming convention of your choice. 

See how to email or print your template in bulk:  Batch Receipt Printing or Emailing

See how to email or print to an individual: Generating Individual Receipts/Letters