For help on exporting transactions from Pushpay, see their help center article here: 

How to Export Transactions ( 

Importing data into a new system can seem challenging. These tips should help in making the process go smoothly with importing your data to DonorDock from Pushpay.

Important Information for a Successful Import:

  • Do not change the DonorDock column headers (formatting, spacing, naming convention), as this will cause issues with your import
  • The import file type must be CSV in order to import it into the DonorDock system
  • The import is limited to 10,000 rows per import job. Multiple imports of data are allowed
  • Review the column mappings from Pushpay into DonorDock's Import Template.

  • How to import a file

    1. Download the import file template from the DonorDock imports page.
    2. Fill your data into the template using the column mapping shown below.
    3. Save the file to a known location on your computer.
    4. Click the Upload Files button and navigate to the template file that you saved.
    5. The file will show pending during the import process. There is no need to stay on this page during the import.
    6. Once complete, the system will show how many of each record type was imported, along with any errors. If any errors occurred during your import, contact DonorDock support to assist.

Pushpay to DonorDock Column Mappings

Pushpay ColumnDonorDock ColumnNotes:
Transaction IDPayment ID
Received OnDate
AmountGift Amount
SourceBadgesThis will badge the donor as recurring or one time donation.
Payment TypePayment Type
Payment TokenGift ID
Payer IDDonor ID
First NameFirst Name
Last NameLast Name
Mobile NumberMobile Number
Address Line 1Address Line 1
Address Line 2Address Line 2
Fund NameFund
MemoPayment Note