To add an In-Kind gift click in the Fundraising menu and choose Gifts.  
Click the blue Add Gift button Scroll down to Gift Details and Payment Type and choose In-Kind.  
We recommend putting the in-kind monetary value under Soft Credits. This is to allow you to track the value you attribute to the gift, without altering your actual received fundraising totals.

You can also add Payment Types, Non-deductible Amounts, Soft Credits, and other field columns to gift reports by clicking on the three dots in any column and checking the data boxes you want to inlcude. 

In Kind payments and Soft Credit amounts can also be included in Giving Summary reports as well. 

In the Reporting Menu click on Giving Summary under Gift Reports 

Click on the blue Filter button and include In Kind under Payment Types and check the box to Include Soft Credits in Totals and run the report.