For a deeper dive of updating your profile settings, review the Organization Settings Video.

As part of your personal settings you can indicate if you want to be notified of some or all types of action board items. If you choose to be notified, you will receive an email to the inbox where your user role was set up.  

In particular, when the system creates a suggested action for you and your settings are turned on, you will have the ability to manage those suggestions from your personal inbox without having to log in to DonorDock. 

Review the below steps to understand what this notification will look like and how to manage it

1. Click on the email to review the notification and determine how to manage the action board item

2. If you choose to Email Now, this will open a new email with the contact's email address and in the CC field. Simply type the body of your email and send it off. This will close the action board suggestion and track the email to the contact's record

3. If you complete a call or a meeting or send this contact a note, you can simply click on the action you completed and you will receive a success message indicating the action board suggestion has been completed.