How Archiving works within DonorDock

  • Archive is a soft delete of a contact record. This allows you to categorize contacts that are active and contacts that aren’t active and have access to their contact information without completely deleting it from the system. 

  • Archiving is also an action that non administrators are able to complete. The requirement of being an admin allows a fail safe for not loosing data that should remain in the system.  

  • Contacts that have been marked as Do Not Solicit or Deceased are not automatically archived. You must update their record in order to change them from an active contact to an archived contact. As part of the system generated reporting, contacts that have markers of Deceased and/or Do Not Solicit are filtered out.  

Scenario where you would archive a contact

  • They aren’t an active contact, but you don’t want to delete them from the DonorDock system. 

Scenario when the system archives a contact

  • In cases where you merge contact records, the system will automatically archive information that wasn’t transferred over to the target record. This way you can go back and make updates to the saved record as necessary. Allowing you to be precautionary about the information before you delete the information.