When setting up a gift receipt template, it's important to know what information you want in your receipt and how to incorporate it. You can easily set up an individual or bulk use template by using merge tags and give your donor(s) an in-depth receipt with contact information, organizational messaging and gift information. 

If you want to learn how to manage and create a template, make sure to check out the Managing Templates article. 

Below are tables that include the origin of merge tags and directions on how to use them. 

Contact Record Fields 

These fields will be pulled from an individual, house or organization contact record. It's a quick way to provide a more personalized and professional set up to the receipt, especially if you are sending in a bulk instance

Contact Record Fields

Donor Title

Donor Salutation

Donor First Name

Donor Last NameDonor Display NameDonor Addressee
Donor Address 1Donor Address 2Donor City
Donor State or ProvinceDonor Postal Code

Organization Setting Fields

These fields can be accessed and managed by completing the following steps.

  1. Access your initials in the top right corner of the system
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Scroll to and click on Receipt Settings
  4. Update your messaging or signature and Save

Organization Setting Fields
Organization Name
Organization City
Organization State
Organization Postal Code
Organization Receipt Message
Organization Receipt Signature
Organization Tax Message

Gift Record Fields:

These fields come from an individual gift record. It's important to note that if you add any of these fields in you should preface it with a descriptor. Otherwise it will come across as just a number. For example, if you pull in Gift Received Amount, it would just show the numerical value of that last gift, let's say 100. In order to make it clear to your donor, you will need to add something like Gift Amount: $ before the merge tag. 

Gift Record Fields
Gift DateGift Received AmountGift Nondeductible Amount
Gift Tax Deductible AmountGift Soft Credit AmountGift Pledged Amount
Gift Payment NoteGift Honor/MemorialGift Tracking Code
Gift CampaignGift AppealGift Fund

Calculated Gift Fields:

These fields are great especially for end of year purposes or if you have a donor that needs a summary of gift information. Since they are calculated fields, they deserve a little more explanation, which can review in the below table. Like the Gift Record Fields, it's important to preface these merge tags with a descriptor. 

Calculated Gift Fields

Donor Total Gifts

The total number of gifts over the lifetime of the donor

Donor Lifetime Giving


Total dollars donated over the lifetime of the donor

Donor Last Gift Date


The last date in which that donor had donated

Donor Last Gift Amount


The dollar amount of the last gift that donor had donated

Donor YTD Gifts


The total number of gifts that a donor has given this year

Donor YTD Giving


The total dollars that a donor has given this year

Donor Last Year Gifts


Total number of gifts that have been donated by that donor last year (January 1-December 31)

Donor Last Year Giving


Total dollars donated by that donor last year (January 1 -December 31)

Donor Average Gift


The average gift amount that a donor donates