This article will walk you through how to do a bulk update to contact records directly from a contact report. A bulk update is great if you have a lot of data to import to existing records. The system matches data to a donor in a few different ways:

  1. DonorID
    1. If you are doing an export for re-import the unique DonorID will be populated every time, ensuring a match

  2. FirstName, LastName and Email

  3. LastName and First line of Address

  4. Account Number

If you input data into a field in the import template, it will update the contact record's field with that information. If you leave a field blank, the data in the contact record's field will remain unchanged. It's important to note that you can also add new contacts to this import template, as the system will create a new contact if it doesn't find a match. Review the below steps to update your contacts from a report.

Follow the steps and watch the video tutorial below:

  1. Once you have logged into DonorDock, navigate to your reports

  2. From there you can access a system generated or custom Contact Reports

    1. Note: Change files can only be done directly from a Contact Report

  3. Update your filtering as necessary until you have the report you need

  4. Once you have the right data access the Export menu in the upper right hand corner and click on Export Change File

  5. Once your file is generated, you can open it in the bottom left corner of your screen

  6. You will see that the CSV file is already pre-populated in the import template format

    1. This will eliminate the need for you to map your fields in order to make a match, and 

    2. The system matches data to a donor in a few different ways:

  7. After you've completed your field edits and/or editions you can Save your document

  8. From there, navigate back to DonorDock to the Imports page

  9. Click on Upload file and choose the change file you made updates to

  10. Like all imports you will see a status of pending on the report, which will allow you to complete whatever you need to in the background. Once the status is updated to complete, your change file was a success!


For more information on how each of the import template fields and to ensure a successful import, be sure to view the Importing Contacts and Contact Data article.