Follow these steps for creating mailing labels through DonorDock and Microsoft Office. 


  • Go to Reports and choose an existing report or create a new report with the list of contacts you want to create mailing labels for then Load the Report 
  • Click on the three dots in any column, choose Columns, and check any data intend to merge into your mailing labels. Ex: First Name, Last Name, Address Line 1 City, State, and Zip.
  • Export the report to Excel and save it to your computer in a place and with a name that is easy to remember
    • Pro tip: To ensure Microsoft Word doesn't throw an error when you are ready to do your Mail Merge, you will need to Save As a CSV document

Microsoft Word

  • Once you've saved your report, close Excel and open Microsoft Word  
  • Click on Mailings in the main navigation menu 
  • Click on Start Mail Merge  > Choose Labels from the dropdown menu

  • Choose the manufacturer and type of label you want to use
    • Common labels used are Avery 5160 labels

  • Click OK
  • Click on Select Recipients > Use an Existing List from dropdown menu
  • Choose your saved CSV file from your DonorDock report to create spots for labels to the Word Document
  • Click on Insert Merge Field and choose the fields you want to add to your label from the dropdown

  • Once the template label is set the way you like, click Update Labels button to fill the template into the other labels
  • Click Finish and Merge > Choose Edit Individual Documents in the dropdown to see the file before printing
  • Click OK on the next pop-up to confirm you want to merge all records

  • That's it! You can Save your Labels, Print them and add them to your envelopes