While letters are not physically sent from DonorDock like an email, it is still important and easy to track this activity. When doing a mail merge you can do a bulk activity to contacts showing that you sent them a letter. 

  1. Go to Reports and load the list of contacts that you want to send a letter to

  2. Go to Add Activity and pick the type of activity you want to track. In this case the letter icon

  3. Input the information you want (i.e. subject, appeal, etc.) and mark the activity as Complete to show you've sent the letter(s), then click Save

  4. The completed activity will show up in the donor(s) Activity History. You will also be able to see this in the activity report

  5. As an extra measure of record keeping, you can scan and store the letter as an Uploaded Document within the Activity History of the Donor's contact record