Documents can be uploaded, managed and edited within a contact records, gift records or acitivities. Below are steps on how to use this functionality. 

Document Management Scenarios:

  • For Documents in a contact record, navigate to the Contact and click on the Documents tab
  • For Documents in a gift record, navigate to the Gift and click on the Documents tab
  • For Documents in an activity, navigate to a Contact record, click on Activity History, Click on an Activity

Uploading Documents:

  • Click on Upload Documents
  • Navigate to the documents in your system and click on the document(s) you want to upload to the contact record
  • To download, edit or delete a documents from a record
    • Hover over the document
    • Click on the pen to edit the title
    • Click on the trash can to delete the document if you are the creator or an admin
    • Click on download to access a copy of the uploaded document
  • For records that have multiple documents that you want to sift through quickly, use the search bar to find key words in the title or in the body of your document

For a demo of how to upload documents, watch this video, featuring our latest releases.