Learn how to manage Marketing (Bulk or individual communications for Appeals, Newsletters, etc.) and Transactional (Receipts) Templates that you can email or print. 

Creating and Editing

  1. Go to the grid menu in the top right corner and click on Manage Templates
  2. Choose 
    1. Create a New Template or Load a Template 
      1. Choose Template Type (Marketing or Transactional)
        1. Choose an Output Type (Digital or Print)
        2. If you decided to use an Existing Template, choose the Template and Load Template
          1. To change a picture with a new one, click on the picture and upload new in the content menu
          2. Edit text by clicking in a text box
          3. Click on Apply Effects on a picture, video, etc. for more options 
          4. Input URLs for pictures, buttons, videos, etc. so that your contacts can navigate to a new area you want them to see
            1. Note: This will not be available for a print template
          5. If you want to add additional text, images, etc. simply drag it from the menu and place it in the body of template
          6. Use merge tags to pull in contact fields that have data
            1. Note: It's important to put introduction text in front of a merge tag to explain it, particularly for receipts to preface the information that will follow from the merge tag
            2. Note: If data is not populated for a contact, a descriptor will show with no dollar amount next to it
              1. Pro tip: We recommend you do two separate email marketing lists if there is information you want to include but does not exist on every contact record
          7. Once your template is complete, click on Save to save over a template or Save As to save a copy with a naming convention of your choice
          8. Test your Template
            1. For Digital templates, be sure to preview the template in desktop and mobile for emails before you navigate away or set up to send to your contacts
            2. For Printed templates, Go to an individual record and create a test letter activity
              1. Choose a contact
              2. Add an Activity and choose Letter
              3. Input the letter information and enable the Use a Template
              4. Find and choose the letter template you want to test
              5. Click on the down arrow next to the Create and Save Button
              6. Choose to Save and Download a PDF or Word Document

Change a template from Print to digital or vice versa

  1. Go to the Template Manager in the Settings Grid
  2. Load the Receipt or Marketing Template you want
  3. Click on Save As and you will have the option to Choose the Template Type, Output Type and Template Name
    1. Note: If you are changing from Print to Digital you will see additional options appear - Button, Menu, Social, and Video. Similarly these options will disappear if you change a template from Digital to Print. Further, you can change/duplicate a template from a Marketing to Transactional template or vice versa

Sending your digital templates via email or printing them for letters

  1. Individually
    1. Go to the contact's record
    2. Choose an email activity and a digital template or a letter activity with a print template
    3. You can accomplish the same through the action board
  2. Bulk
    1. You can still send bulk emails to marketing lists using a template
    2. For Bulk Letters
      1. Create a Contact Report
      2. Click on Letters in the top right corner of the report
      3. Click on Print and Choose the Template you want
        1. Note: you can only generate up to 200 letters at a time
      4. Once your PDF's have generating, you can open, review and Print
        1. Note: Just like Bulk Receipts, this will created a completed activity for each contact record that had a letter generated