You can do a bulk add of contacts to a marketing list form a report. Follow these steps or watch the demo video below:

Create a marketing list:

  1. Navigate to the Reporting menu and click on Reports.
      a. Pick an existing contact, gift or activity report depending on what type of marketing list you want to create or create a new report. 
  2. Click on the blue Filters button and include filters or badges to pull back the contacts you are looking for.
  3. Then click Run Report
    1. Click SAVE AS if you would like to use this report with the same filters to create marketing lists in the future. (Ex:  Monthly Newsletter to All Contacts).
  4. Go to Add > Marketing List
  5.  Add these contacts to an existing marketing list or create a new Marketing List and Apply
  6. You will receive a success message once completed

Create an email for your Marketing List:

  1. Navigate to emails
  2. Click on New Email
  3. Input the Marketing List into the Send To* Field
  4. Add in your Email Subject and Load or build your Template
  5. Save, Test, Send or Schedule Send
    1. Note: Any new contacts added to the marketing list within the timeframe before a scheduled send will receive that scheduled email