It is a given that you will end up with duplicate contacts in your DonorDock database at some point. Fortunately, we make it easy to merge contacts together.

To merge two duplicate contacts follow these steps:

1. Click on Contacts in the main navigation.

2. Locate the duplicates in the list through searching and sorting.

  1. Pro tip: Within the View box you can choose Possible Duplicates and the system will load a list of contacts that may be duplicates based on a "loose" match criteria

3. Check the box next to the duplicates (you can merge two contacts at once; if you have more than two duplicates of the same contact, merge one set, then merge again).

4. Once two contacts are selected, the Merge button becomes active in the toolbar at the top of the list. Click the Merge button.

5. In the dialog that pops up, select the contact that you would like to keep. You also have the option to move the data from the other contact into the spouse fields of the contact you are keeping.

6. Upon merging, all related data such as gifts, activities and notes will be moved to the contact you are keeping. In addition, if the contact you are not keeping has any data points, such as email or phone numbers, that do not exist on the contact you are keeping, they will also be migrated.

After merging two contacts, the contact you chose not to keep will be moved to the Archived Contacts list.