To send an email to multiple contacts at once, load the Contact Report, Gift Report or Giving Summary Report. 

  1. Load the report that you would like to send from and filter your list as required. (a maximum of 1000 contacts can be emailed at once)
  2. After filtering your list, click the "Email Contacts" button.
  3. Fill in the subject, select a campaign or appeal if relevant and fill in the body of the email. 
  4. Click the Send Test Email button and enter an email address to send your test.
  5. After testing your email, click the Send Email button to send the email to the selected contacts.

Tip: You can merge contact information into the body of the email. This includes things like name and salutation. Put your cursor in the body where you would like to inject the contact information and choose the Donor menu from the editors menu bar. Select the field you would like to merge and it will add the merge tag into the body. The merge tags will look like this: {{}}. When the email is sent, the system will replace the merge tag with the contact's information. This allows you to personalize each email that the system sends.