Adding a pledged gift is similar to adding a received gift. A pledged gift is a gift that is due at a future time and needs to be tracked. Pledged gifts are not included in your fundraising totals until they have been marked as received.

To create a pledge:

  1.  Navigate to the Gifts screen, or find a donor record from the Contacts screen.
  2. From either screen, click the "Add Pledge" button.
  3. If it is not already filled, select a donor, and the due date of the first installment of the pledge. 
  4. If the pledge is to be paid over multiple installments, put the installment amount, not the total amount, in the Pledged Amount field. 
  5. In the Pledge Schedule section, indicate how often the installments will be due, and the number of installments.

    For example, if the total pledge is for $5000.00 and the donor would like to pay annual installments of $1000.00 for five year, enter the due date for the first installment and $1000.00 for the Pledged Amount. In the Pledge Schedule, select Annual for How Often and 5 for How Many. This will create five pledged gifts, each due a year apart starting with the due date you selected. Each pledge installment will be for $1000.00 totaling to $5000.00 over the five years.

  6. Fill in any other appropriate fields and save the Pledge.

To edit a pledge:

  1. Navigate to Gifts and locate the pledged gift. From the details page, you are able to print a payment reminder and mark that reminder was sent. 
  2. When money is received against the pledge installments, edit the gift under the actions menu. 
  3. Add the amount to the Amount Received field, and when you have received all that you expect from that installment, change the status from "Pledged" to "Received". This will then include the received amount into your fundraising totals.

Pledge Reporting

Pledged gifts will also show up on your Action Board when they are 30 days from the due date, and again at 15 days, if a reminder has not yet been sent.

See a list of all outstanding pledges under Reports and the Open Pledge Report. Select your date range to see pledges that are due within those dates.

Watch this video to see how to manage pledges within DonorDock.

DonorDock Track - Pledges from Matt Bitzegaio on Vimeo.