This article outlines some of the primary terms used within the DonorDock application, and within the supporting methodology. 



-Sources used by your organization to track the generation of gifts. Appeals can be in the form of events, online giving, emails, etc.


- You can choose to archive a contact. Doing so will soft delete the contact from the main database. You may use this if your donor hasn't been responsive to communications for a long period of time but you want to keep their information on hand. To reactivate the donor you can view their record in the archived view or simply search them to reactivate their record. 


 - A badge is a tool for classifying and segmenting donors within your DonorDock application.


-Campaigns are the objectives that house appeals, funds and grants, spreading the message as to what raising money for.

Daily 5: 

-An automated system design that creates up to 5 daily 1:1 suggestions in your action board by scanning your donor database for donors that have not been engaged within the last 30 days.


 - A donor is a person who has given to your organization within the past 24 months.

Do Not Solicit:

-This should be used when Donors do not want to be contacted by the organization at all through any medium (i.e. email, phone, letter, etc.).  This is manually assigned to a contact by a user and would be complimentary to other DonorDock capabilities (see special circumstances) as to why you shouldn’t solicit this donor.


Lapsed Donor:

- A lapsed donor is a donor who is tracked in DonorDock, but has not given to your organization for at least 24 months.


Major Gift: 

- Major gifts are the largest gifts your organization receives from your donors. 


Marketing Lists:

- Marketing lists are lists of donors that you have segmented for communication targeting purposes. While they look and work a lot like badges, they are used specifically for communication purposes.



- Definition of a single donor that is representative of a group of donors with similar characteristics, qualities and attributes.



A pledge is a type of gift that is promised for a specific amount in support of a future date(s) paid over time.



- A prospect is a contact who has been tracked in DonorDock, but has not yet given to your organization.


Reactivated Donor: 

- A reactivated donor is one that is lapsed, and gives to your organization again.



- A shared connection that can be tracked for donors at the household level and/or the employer level, allowing you to see and navigate between the donors and their gift contributions in each entity


Soft-Credit Amount:

- Soft-Credit Amount is a field in which you can track gifts that have come from a foundation or fund but have been initiated by an individual or an organization. This field is found in gifts and can be populated in the individual donor records, without duplicating the gift, which was tracked as such in a foundation. 


Special Circumstances: 

-This allows you to keep detailed notes about a donor and pin them for all users to see. This component could be used to describe a donor’s background, likes, dislikes, etc. For example, this would be a good place to write reasoning why a donor does not want to be solicited.


Spike-up Gift: 

- This is a gift that is a specified dollar amount over the average gift of the donor. For example, if your organization's spike-up threshold is $100.00, and a donor whose average gift is $20.00 gives a gift of $120.00 or more, this is considered a spike-up gift and requires one-to-one engagement.



-A system property assigned to contacts that want to opt out of email communication. It is an automatically generated link on every email that comes from the DonorDock system.