DonorDock provides a native integration to the Stripe payment processing platform. This integration allows Stripe to alert and send online donation information, in real-time, from Stripe to DonorDock. DonorDock accepts this information and attempts to locate a donor in DonorDock to associate the gift to.

If a matching donor is found, a new gift is created for that donor with the amount collected by Stripe. If a donor is not found, a new donor record is created and a gift is created for that donor. The donor record is updated to include the Stripe customer key, so that any future gifts through Stripe are easily matched to the donor.

To set up the Stripe integration, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Stripe account.
  2. From the Dashboard, click the Developer item from the left menu.
  3. Click on API Keys from the Developers menu.
  4. If no API keys exist, create a new set of API keys.
  5. Copy your Publishable Key and your Secret Key.
  6. Open your DonorDock portal. Click on the top top Fundraising menu.
  7. Click on Online Giving Pages.
  8. In the left hand side in Giving Pages Configuration Enable Stripe.
  9. Add your Stripe Public Key and Stripe Secret copied from step 9 into the fields and SAVE the Organization settings.

The Stripe integration will now be active and will be accepting data from Stripe upon successful online donations.

To set up Online Giving forms and recurring giving, view this article: Online Giving Setup