The Action Board is driven by solid fundraising best practices and methodology to ensure you are focused on the right things, at the right time.


In the board you will see two sections

  1. To-Do’s
    1. Includes a list of activities that you created for yourself, someone else has created for you or you have identified as a task that needs to be completed from the suggestions area
  2. Suggestions
    1. Includes system created nudges that suggest you reach out to a donor for a number of reasons, which can be created in any one of the following scenarios
      1. Daily 5 
        1. Generated suggestions that are created by the system if you haven’t engaged with a donor within 30 days or more. No more than 5 of these daily tasks will show in the suggestions on any given day
      2. Major gifts
        1. When setting up your organization's settings, you are able to define what your organization considers a major gift. The default value is $1000.00, but you can configure this field to match the way your organization operates.
      3. Spike-up gifts
        1. A spike-up gift is one that is out of the ordinary for a donor. For example, if a donor's average gift is $50 and they then give a donation of $350, that would be a spike-up. A spike-up gift is a great opportunity to reach out to a donor and learn more about what drove them to give more than they normally do. Did something change with their personal circumstances? Did something your nonprofit did resonate with them? You can set the amount over their average gift that triggers the spike-up gift notification in your Settings area. The default value is $100.00.
      4. First gifts
        1. As the name suggests, this is a nudge to engage with a donor when they give their very first gift to your nonprofit. This deserves an individual engagement activity.
      5. Second gifts
        1. Perhaps even more important to your organization than a first gift, the second gift is significant as it moves a donor from a one-time giver, to a retained donor. This is a big deal, and deserves an engagement touch-point from your organization. You will receive a nudge on the Action Board for every second gift.
      6. Reactivated donors
        1. Donor’s that have moved from an archived to activated status
      7. Donor moving toward inactivity
      8. Donor birthdays
      9. Pledge payment reminders
        1. When a donor payment for the pledged amount is coming due