The Action Board is the hub that shows you who needs engagement, how to engage them and when. 

In the board you will see two sections

Handling To-Do’s

  1. Complete - Choose this once you have completed the activity and it will show in the contact’s activity history and show as a completed task on your action board timeline for the day
  2. Ignore - Choosing ignore will remove this task from your action board and will not show in the completed activity timeline or in the donor’s history
  3. Assign - When assigning a task to a different user, it will show up on that user's action board in their To-Do’s the next time they navigate there and will also send them an email notification of this assignment. 
  4. Snooze - You can choose to snooze a task if you wish to address it later. You can snooze for a day, week or month. It will move that task to the bottom of the action board until the snooze time is up or you wake up the task, bringing it back to your To-Do’s. 
  5. Create - You can create a To-Do item for yourself or someone else by adding an activity and assigning an owner. Once created the activity will show on the owner’s action board and in the donor’s activity history as an incomplete (pending) task. 

Handling Suggestions

  1. Same options as To-Do
    1. Complete
    2. Ignore
    3. Assign
    4. Snooze
  2. Review Tips
    1. Shows reasons as to why you should reach out to this donor
  3. Suggestions
    1. Choose this to review system suggestions for how you should engage with the donor. This will either complete the activity or allow you to create a task moving this suggestion to your to-do board