Appeals are used to track your solicitations of your donors.  Appeals can also be used for online giving. To enable online giving, view the Online Giving Settings article.

To view/edit an appeal:

  1. Click on Appeals in the Fundraising Menu.
  2. From the appeal list, search for the appeal you wish to view or edit.
  3. Click on the appeal's name to navigate to the appeal's detail page.
  4. To edit the appeal, click the Edit Appeal button under the Actions menu.
  5. Make any changes to the appeal and save the record.

To create an appeal, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Appeals in the Fundraising Menu.
  2. Click the Add Appeal button.
  3. Fill in the appeal name and description. Set the goal for the appeal and if the appeal is associated to a campaign, select the campaign. Choose the type of appeal, and the number of donors you plan to solicit with the appeal as the solicitation goal. Finally, if you want to track a planned start and end date for the appeal, set those values.
  4. To enable online giving for this appeal, expand the Online Giving section.
  5. In the Appeal Message field, enter your general online giving Appeal Message. This is what your donors will see when they visit your online giving landing page.
  6. Choose your Appeal Message Background Color as Light or Dark. You will want to determine this based on the background image you plan to use for your online giving landing page. For darker background images, choose Light and for lighter background images, choose Dark.
  7. Enter your Thank You & Gift Acknowledgment Message. This is the message donors will see after successfully donating online.
  8. If you would rather redirect donors to another URL, for example, a thank you page on your own website, enter the URL in the URL to Send Donor After Online Gift field. NOTE - If a URL is entered in to this field, it will always redirect and will never show the message from step 5.
  9. Upload a background image for your online giving landing page. We recommend images that are at least 72dpi (dots per inch) and 1600x900 pixels. 
  10. Save your appeal.

Note - Each appeal will have a unique online giving URL, which can be found on the details page of an appeal. Click the appeal name from the list to view the details page. This unique URL can be used in marketing materials and will track any gifts from that appeal landing page to the appeal, and an associated campaign.

Watch this video to see how to manage appeals within DonorDock.